casper145 (casper145) wrote,

I have returned from home, only to be leaving again in about 4 hours. but at least this means I got to drive back, thus not having to wait about for trains. yay.

going home when my mum is there always proves profitable if I can lure her into town. I got new boots as close to my beloved office ones that turned out to be a pile of crap, 3 tops and a jumper. yay! oh and make up brushes.. one of those luxuries I try to avoid paying for. so that was good.

my hat has been waiting for me at the sorting office for a couple of days now. I don't know whether to run there now and get it or wait till monday and have it delivered to the post office and get it after uni. do I want it for this weekend? probably not. maybe it can wait, and I can have some lunch and sort out stuff to take home. that makes more sense.

Jim's sister's ex boyfriend was on Trisha today. it was weird. the title was something like 'my son is so lazy and won't get a job'. we all knew that, anyway.
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