casper145 (casper145) wrote,

it has been a weekend of frankie and benny's, little chef and roast dinner. week old babies, sat nav and maybe buying a house?

the house is lovely... right in Stratford town centre. it needs totally gutting and redoing but proportionally it's fine especially just for two of us. but to do the work could be up to 60 grand which is money Jim doesn't have and I can't get a job that will get enough money while still at uni.. so even if he could buy it he wouldn't have enough to do things very fast. but he is putting in an offer... it could go for a lot more than the guide price. I hope it doesn't go to some horrible property developer. ugh.

valentine's day is looming and Jim still won't tell me where we're going, but I think I know. the new sat nav means I won't know until we get there, either. but I need to start getting his gifts sorted. I quite like valentine's day, as long as nothing is bought from clinton's and there are no teddy bears involved. of course, that big pink box wouldn't go amiss [the bigger the better].

my diet has pretty much stopped and I don't like it that I am slipping back to my old ways. it was so easy with the special k diet because I could only eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and it was clear what I could and couldn't eat. now I just think I'm not on a diet so I will eat anything. I feel worse for it though, so I should stop. it's amazing how even one day of eating more healthily can make you feel so much better.

I hope we get the house so I can have a hamster!
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