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today was wonderful. woke up early, got ready and we exchanged gifts. I made Jim heart shaped cookies [they were great, just like millie's!], and got him a love rat and a new dog tag with is name and my new phone number on. I was going to give him something else but haven't finished it yet. he got me a polaroid camera! which is amazing. I need to get more film though cause I could have easily used the whole thing today, but was trying to save it.

we set off.. I had no clue where we were going. we stopped at little chef [yum yum] for breakfast and pancakes. it took us like 3 hours to get there but we finally arrived at Dorset and MONKEY WORLD! ohhhh it was great. so many great monkeys. in one enclosure I was standing by the glass and one of the chimps seemed to like my gold tights and ran up to the glass right in front of me! it was great. all the monkeys there [especially chimps] seem to love ryvita.. there were so many boxes there! but yeah, it was good.

we finished at monkey world at about 1 so decided to drive into Poole. YAY SEASIDE. we parked by the docks and saw lots of lobster and crab cage things to catch them in. and lots of boats. it was nice and the weather was fantastic. all day we walked around in just a jumper and it was so sunny. we walked along the beach a little bit and then went into town. Poole wins the prize for best chip shop name: THE COD FATHER. ohhhh, that's good. we ate at pizza express and then it started to rain like a mofo so we ran back to the car but stopped to shelter in some doorway somewhere, a bit like tramps. it stopped after a few minutes though so we walked back to the car and decided to come home since there were black clouds everywhere.

but it was lovely and I have tons of pictures of great monkeys and seaside things. do I have the best boyfriend ever? ummm yes ^_^

hope you all had a good valentine's day xxx
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