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[February 15, 6:55 pm]
I feared as much.. I can't make past entries friends only without going back and doing each one individually *cries*. I couldn't delete the history on my mum and dad's computer cause of their stupid passworded XP so now I am scared they will read it. well, hopefully if they do they will read this and get the fuck out. heh.

I dunno whether to go friends only anyway. I always thought I would never want to but maybe now I just want to know who is reading it..more for curiosity than anything else. hmmm.
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[February 14, 6:41 pm]
today was wonderful. woke up early, got ready and we exchanged gifts. I made Jim heart shaped cookies [they were great, just like millie's!], and got him a love rat and a new dog tag with is name and my new phone number on. I was going to give him something else but haven't finished it yet. he got me a polaroid camera! which is amazing. I need to get more film though cause I could have easily used the whole thing today, but was trying to save it.

we set off.. I had no clue where we were going. we stopped at little chef [yum yum] for breakfast and pancakes. it took us like 3 hours to get there but we finally arrived at Dorset and MONKEY WORLD! ohhhh it was great. so many great monkeys. in one enclosure I was standing by the glass and one of the chimps seemed to like my gold tights and ran up to the glass right in front of me! it was great. all the monkeys there [especially chimps] seem to love ryvita.. there were so many boxes there! but yeah, it was good.

we finished at monkey world at about 1 so decided to drive into Poole. YAY SEASIDE. we parked by the docks and saw lots of lobster and crab cage things to catch them in. and lots of boats. it was nice and the weather was fantastic. all day we walked around in just a jumper and it was so sunny. we walked along the beach a little bit and then went into town. Poole wins the prize for best chip shop name: THE COD FATHER. ohhhh, that's good. we ate at pizza express and then it started to rain like a mofo so we ran back to the car but stopped to shelter in some doorway somewhere, a bit like tramps. it stopped after a few minutes though so we walked back to the car and decided to come home since there were black clouds everywhere.

but it was lovely and I have tons of pictures of great monkeys and seaside things. do I have the best boyfriend ever? ummm yes ^_^

hope you all had a good valentine's day xxx
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[February 12, 10:52 pm]
argh, I changed my layout but can't figure out how to make it do that on my friends page as well. will it not do it? I can't find anywhere where you can do it. am I being stupid? it's starting to drive me MAD. argh.
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[February 12, 8:48 pm]
it's been a bit of a busy weekend really. 2 different ikeas in 2 days. Casey running riot with polystyrene. lunch with my gramps. driving here there and everywhere. I haven't got anywhere near what I wanted to get done done. hopefully I can cram it all into tomorrow.

I think I'm going to take a photography course this summer. I get frustrated when things don't come out how I want them to. especially with my slr camera.. I am so used to digital that it's weird not knowing how the photos will turn out. and if I can't see how they look, then I need to know that I can take a good photo, which I am not so hot at right now. still, I've only used one film on it. I haven't had a lot of practise yet.

so much to do tomorrow which is annoying... lecture, meeting about field course, finish project, come home, finish valentine's things... I don't think I will be finished very early.

ooo, father ted on now
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[February 9, 5:59 pm]
GAY I missed the listing for the hat. argh. I am so annoyed. it was perfect :(
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[February 9, 4:49 pm]
today I received a package from Helen, containing robot goodness and chocolate goodness and gay man goodness. woo!

I went home last night and I'm going home again tomorrow.. I think I spend more time at home than I do here. every time I drive back I kind of dread it, because it's so nice driving back through the countryside and then you hit Birmingham and everything just looks crap. but I suppose it could be a lot worse.

going to ikea again tomorrow night hopefully.. if Jim's stepbrother has actually decided what he wants in his room. I should really not spend money but I may be tempted. but I must bid on a hat later for my brother's wedding. I really want this dress but my mum doesn't really like it. bah.

I think it's time to check my washing and get down to some reading. fun fun fun.
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[February 9, 3:00 pm]

if you live in manchester go to this! my friend Helen has organised it and she is lovely and it's for a good cause!
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[February 8, 12:19 am]
today I got both the new Agent Provocateur books for a mere £10 at Waterstones. that is probably the only wonderful thing that happened today, apart from being loved by the best boy ever of course ^_^

I now know that all I want for my birthday is a charm bracelet, a corset and a polaroid camera. oh, and wads of cash. oh, and to go and see Chicago. so not much really! I would also like a pug with a chanel collar, just like the one staring at me from my wall. oh, how I want a pet.

I am being forced out of bed at some unreasonable hour to work on project of death with Ross, the partner of death. nothing is ever right or good enough which then results in him 'perfecting' each sentence into a mass of over-long, complicated words that scream 'I haven't done any reading so I am putting in loads of big words'. it's really hard to work in pairs to write an essay. I could get it done in a day. Ross will deliberate over every word until it's 'perfect'. it took us 2 hours to write a paragraph today. yes, it's that bad.

I am going to go and cry about the horrendousness of tomorrow, whilst reading the new AP books. au revoir.
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[February 6, 11:55 pm]
I suppose I will update since I can't get in my bed to sleep in it. I have been making Jim's valentine's presents. so far everything is going well, I just hope he likes them.

I went into town to get some stuff for his presents, and I also ended up buying a skirt that screams kirsty allsopp but that isn't such a bad thing. me and nicola also had pizza hut for tea which was a bit naughty... then we went food shopping and bought lots of fruit. the special k diet commences tomorrow! I feel so much worse since stopping it, it makes more sense to stay on it until I can discipline myself not to eat crap.

if we can't get an extension on the project then we're screwed cause I can't see how we can do the whole thing in 3 days. ugh. I hate leaving things until the last minute but I always do.

I need to dye my hair. it looks like shit.
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[February 5, 9:50 pm]
it has been a weekend of frankie and benny's, little chef and roast dinner. week old babies, sat nav and maybe buying a house?

the house is lovely... right in Stratford town centre. it needs totally gutting and redoing but proportionally it's fine especially just for two of us. but to do the work could be up to 60 grand which is money Jim doesn't have and I can't get a job that will get enough money while still at uni.. so even if he could buy it he wouldn't have enough to do things very fast. but he is putting in an offer... it could go for a lot more than the guide price. I hope it doesn't go to some horrible property developer. ugh.

valentine's day is looming and Jim still won't tell me where we're going, but I think I know. the new sat nav means I won't know until we get there, either. but I need to start getting his gifts sorted. I quite like valentine's day, as long as nothing is bought from clinton's and there are no teddy bears involved. of course, that big pink box wouldn't go amiss [the bigger the better].

my diet has pretty much stopped and I don't like it that I am slipping back to my old ways. it was so easy with the special k diet because I could only eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and it was clear what I could and couldn't eat. now I just think I'm not on a diet so I will eat anything. I feel worse for it though, so I should stop. it's amazing how even one day of eating more healthily can make you feel so much better.

I hope we get the house so I can have a hamster!
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[February 2, 9:05 pm]
I want a pug

Image hosting by Photobucket

they are cute but also funny.

it's going to be -1 tomorrow in the DAY. jesus.
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[February 2, 11:14 am]
wow, is it thursday already? the week is going nice and quick. although that is not good in terms of work. work which I should be doing now. I have an essay that me and Ross have to do together that's in a week tomorrow and we have yet to start. yikes. we were supposed to do loads yesterday but Ross' wife didn't want him to come here and going to the library would have taken too long and we would have got nothing done. gah.

test tomorrow... I haven't done nearly enough revision. I need to do really well on these ones if I want to get a first overall so the pressure is on. I dunno what's happening this weekend but it looks like I'm going to be doing work, which is a bit crappy. well, maybe only on saturday.

I should go and make a start. meh.
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[January 31, 12:23 am]
omg omg did you see THE PERFECT PENIS?! if you did I don't think I need to say any more. if not then you missed out! BIG TIME.

I want to go to sleep but I am scared I will have nightmares about micropenises :/
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[January 30, 4:33 pm]
I think I am starting to feel the cold coming. I feel a bit bleh. but I went to get my HAT this morning, and here it is, minus make up. it's a bit small for me and the veil doesn't really cover my face, but it's still great. I want MORE hats! I'm going to wear it to candy box burlesque if I have some accompniment!

I love the way your mouth fits mine, 1-800-he's-so-fineCollapse )

I have so much work to do. test on friday and so much to learn, argh. Jim is plotting something for valentine's day. how exciting!

I did 25 minutes on the bike today, go me. I wasn't even tired but my leg started spasming so I thought I should stop. I just get bored, even while watching satc :/

definitely getting the cold. I just sneezedx1000000
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[January 29, 11:31 pm]
this weekend has been good. went out for dinner last night and we came back and just fell asleep for ages before we even got into bed. not sure why we were so tired.

despite that we got up late this morning so no nature centre for us. we went into town though and got photos developed and we met up with Glenn and his girlfriend, who I had never met before, and we had lunch at pizza hut. yay. we had all the best intentions of going to the chinese new year celebrations but that never happened either cause it finished at 4. gah.

Jim's friends had a baby girl this morning. her name is Madeleine... his friends are stealing all the cute names. so we went and bought her some cute polka dot booties and a white furry coat with ears on the hood. yay.

we went to the new mk ikea on friday night and [among other things] I got this cute nightlight

Image hosting by Photobucket

it's supposed to be a ghost but it has little ears and I think it looks a bit like a panda.

here are some random pictures of a russian hat, a baby asleep and a microscope. and me as a monkey, courtesy of my phoneCollapse )

I need to go to bed because I have an evil 9am lecture tomorrow :/
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[January 28, 6:00 pm]
I am update while Jim iz in ze shower. tonight we go out for eating. I wear lovely new skirt with ze pink shoes. yes. tomorrow we go to nature centre to see ze animals like red panda and pigs.

I finsh now.
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[January 27, 11:41 am]
I have returned from home, only to be leaving again in about 4 hours. but at least this means I got to drive back, thus not having to wait about for trains. yay.

going home when my mum is there always proves profitable if I can lure her into town. I got new boots as close to my beloved office ones that turned out to be a pile of crap, 3 tops and a jumper. yay! oh and make up brushes.. one of those luxuries I try to avoid paying for. so that was good.

my hat has been waiting for me at the sorting office for a couple of days now. I don't know whether to run there now and get it or wait till monday and have it delivered to the post office and get it after uni. do I want it for this weekend? probably not. maybe it can wait, and I can have some lunch and sort out stuff to take home. that makes more sense.

Jim's sister's ex boyfriend was on Trisha today. it was weird. the title was something like 'my son is so lazy and won't get a job'. we all knew that, anyway.
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[January 24, 10:28 pm]
my skeleton looks like he is having a good time

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm not sure how he got in that position. I like to think he is reminiscing about his times in gay discos when he danced all night long in nothing but a cowboy hat. good times.

why photocopy short loan books when you can take photos of them with your digital camera and then print them off from the comfort of your own home. woo!

I did 15 minutes on the exercise bike earlier. I just know I won't be able to walk in the morning.

now I must snuggle up in bed with teh newspaper and perhaps hot chocolate + snack a jacks. yayayayay.

p.s. guess who was 1% off a first in their mineralogy practical exam? the answer is ME!
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[January 24, 2:15 pm]
for some reason I had an insatiable appetite for a newspaper today. so I bought one [student discount on newspapers, hurrah!] but haven't had time to read it yet. I went and got books out for stupid joint essay thing, sadly 2 of which are short loan which means another trip to the library by 10 tomorrow. meh. but I do need to photocopy some stuff anyway, so at least it will motivate me to get up at a reasonable time. this was precisely my method of thinking.

I went into the arts building for a computer and there were many lovely looking people that were also lucky [and not stupid] because they did english for a degree. I still wish I'd done it. but also I spotted a less than lovely looking person.. somewhat of an 'urban legend'. this absolute prick that I was "friends" with at school has been at birmingham for the past 2 1/2 years and in all my time here I had never seen him until today. he looks no different and was surrounded by a hareem of ugly girls and nerdy, geeky boys. ha ha ha. everyone always asks me if I have seen him. this time I will have something more interesting to report than the usual "no, thank god".

nicola is away for 2 nights which means I might get some actual WORK done. I have so much to do. and I need to go and pick up my photos tomorrow. but now I must tidy my room and sort out stuff. :/
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[January 23, 5:02 pm]
the weekend was good. me and Jim went out for dinner on friday night. it was good, but I was wearing new green shoes all day which made what I thought was just my tights completely green, but actually turned out to have impregnated into my feet. ugh. also I have like 4 blisters on my toes. ouchy. we came back here on saturday night... Jim did lots of thisCollapse ) and I watched lots of sex and the city. the sunday we just went shopping and things. I bought a lovely skirt which wasn't in the sale as I anticipated so it was £40. oops.

today is the last day of the diet. I seem to have lost weight so all is good. I am so glad to actually be able to eat a sandwich for lunch. woo.

now must go to sainsbury's for food. tonight is murder on the orient express. yay!
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